UCC Health Services Undergoes Peer Review

The Directorate of University Health Services (DUHS) has been assessed by a team of health professionals from some health facilities in the Central Region.

The assessment dubbed “Peer Review”, is an initiative of the Central Regional Health Directorate which brings together health professionals from other sister health centers across the region to share experience and learn from best practices.  As part of the peer review, a hosting health facility provides opportunity for professionals from other health centres to learn at first-hand the operations of their staff and equipment used to deliver medical care to clients.

Assessment of UCC Hospital

Preceding the forum, a team of assessors from the Metro Hospital, Dunkwa on-Offin Hospital, Twifo Praso Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Ankaful Leprosarium, Christian Eye Center and the Ewim Polyclinic familiarised themselves with the operations of the facility and inspected its equipment for healthcare delivery. The team assessed the University Hospital on governance, quality assurance, client care, occupational health and safety, emergency services, infrastructure and environment, infection and prevention control and clinical practices.

Quality on University Agenda

Speaking at the closing session of the forum, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. K. T. Oduro, who chaired the function, lauded the staff and management of the Hospital for availing themselves to be peer-reviewed by their colleagues from other sister health facilities. He noted that the issue of quality has become high on the University agenda to the extent that UCC had instituted Quality Assurance Department, with the aim of placing the University high in terms of ranking. He charged the University Health Directorate to include self-review into its mode of operation to assess staff and units within the facility.

Punctuality to Work

For his part, the Deputy Regional Health Director, Mr. Stephen Anyomi, advised healthcare workers to be punctual to work.  He called on all regional health facilities to, as a matter of urgency, train the emergency medical team to facilitate reported emergency cases adding that " it is part of our performance appraisal of the facility.''

Feedback on Review

On his part, the Director of UCC Health Services, Dr. Evans Ekanem, praised management and staff of the UCC Hospital for their relentless efforts in delivering good health care to the University Community and the general public. He said the Hospital authorities had taken note of all the concerns raised about the facility and would ensure that they were addressed with dispatch.

UCC is 5th Best Health Facility

The Regional Coordinator for the Peer Review, Mr. Georges Fritz Doe, pointed out that seventeen out of the twenty-one hospitals that had been peer-reviewed, UCC Hospital was the fifth on the league table, with 86.6%. He added that St. Francis Hospital was leading the league table with 95.9%, while Dunkwa-on- Offin Hospital had 92.8%, securing the second position. Our Lady of Grace Hospital (Breman Assikuma) and Mercy Women's Hospital garnered 92.9% and 90.5% to place third and fourth positions respectively.

The event, which was held at the UCC Hospital Conference room, was attended by the Dean of Students Affairs, UCC, Prof. Kwaow Edjah; Chief Inspector Christian Anyiddio of the UCC Police District and Mr. Richard Amponsah Peasah who is the Watch 2IC in charge of Medics of the UCC Fire Service Unit.