UCC Honours Staff

Seventy members of staff including 20 Senior Members, 31 Senior Staff and 19 Junior Staff respectively have retired from active service of the University for the year 2016.

Mr. Anthony Martin Appiah, formerly of the Department of Science and Mathematics, College of Education Studies, was the longest serving employee. He served the University for 41 years. Among those going on retirement was the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Prof. D. D. Kuupole who served the University for 32 years. The retirees were given certificates and various household items which included refrigerators, furniture and television sets.

Sixteen staff in active service from the various staff categories were also given special awards for their performances in the past year at the ceremony. They were given certificates and cash awards. It is a new addition to the ceremony meant to encourage and motivate members of staff to give off their best.

In a speech to his fellow retirees which was read by Prof. Stephen BuguKendie, who was among those going on retirement, the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Prof. D. D. Kuupole on behalf of his colleagues thanked God forhis love, grace, mercies and gift of life to work till their retiring age. “It is by his grace that we have lived to work to this retiring age”.

To the University management he said, “I wish to express our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity given us to serve. The University, through initiatives from management, created conducive atmosphere for us to develop our career up to this final stage of our working lives. Indeed, we owe who we are today to this great institution”.

“We say, a big thank you to the management of the University for granting us the space to work. We will always remember this even as we move on in life”, he stressed.

The outgoing Vice-Chancellor said it was natural that there were challenges and difficulties during their stay in the University community by way of disappointments, frustrations, intrigues, envy and greed. “This fact notwithstanding, we have been able to overcome them. Indeed, these developments have prepared us well to face the future with confidence”, he said.

Prof. Kuupole however urged his colleagues who have been victims of such unfortunate happenings and other bitter experiences, whether deliberate or indeliberately to forget about them. “As we assume the role of Senior Citizens, let us rather pray for our juniors we are leaving behind so that they will work very hard to uplift the image of the University”.

Advising those they are leaving behind, he said “I urge you to commit yourselves diligently to the service of the University. Bear in mind that your success as individuals will not mean so much, unless it is linked up with the success of the University. Let the good works of those who have served well and retired be your guide so that the University will be a better place for all of us”, he advised.

To his retiring colleagues he said, “Retirement is a relaxation period in life and as such let us take this opportunity to find time to rest fully, even though we may be engaged in work officially or unofficially”.