UCC Hosts International Holocaust Remembrance Day Lecture

A Public Lecture has been held at the University of Cape Coast to usher in the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls on Wednesday, January 27.

The Nazi regime and their collaborators killed over six million Jews during the Holocaust in the 1930s.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. D. D. Kuupole in an address read on his behalf by the Pro- Vice-Chancellor, Prof. G. K. T. Oduro, said the theme for the occasion “Holocaust and Human Dignity” was well chosen, especially now that totalitarian and nationalistic regimes were springing up globally over, and horrific atrocities continue to be committed by both state and non-states actors.

The Vice Chancellor indicated that the university was proud to be associated with this year’s celebration adding that “This is an event that mankind must ensure never happens to any people again”, he stressed.

An Educator from the World’s Premier Holocaust Education Institute, Yad Vashim, Mrs. Lea Roshkovsky, who was the main speaker for the event, said to prevent the reoccurrence of sad event, it was important to commemorate the holocaust every year so that people will not forget what happened. “People must not forget what happened during the Holocaust in order to prevent it from happening again”, she added.

The speaker indicated that, building of the Jewish state began before the holocaust, but after the genocide the need to “go home” became apparent among Jews the world over.

She said a lot of lessons were learnt after the holocaust and chief among them was that “all people have to live in dignity irrespective of their race”, Mrs. Roskovsky stated.

Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, H. E Ami Mehl, reiterated that nothing could compensate for the holocaust; the only thing is to remember it and prevent it from being repeated.