Pupils of the University Primary School listening to the presentation

UCC Primary School Pupils Urged to Live in Peace with One Another

Pupils of the University Primary School have been advised to live in peace with their classmates and other people they come into contact with. An Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology Mrs. Naa Adjeley S. Alakya Sekyi gave the advice at a seminar organised by the Ghana Association of University Women (GAUW), UCC Chapter at the University Basic School. The seminar was organised to promote and expose pupils to ‘staying at peace and living in harmony with everyone in school, at home and everywhere.’ Mrs. Sekyi, said “peace is experienced when there is no fights, conflicts or wars and this is because peace is total tranquility and serenity.” She urged the pupils to always ensure that there was peace among them by caring for others; sharing with friends; saying good words to friends; helping a friends; caring for the needy; not discriminating others; not bullying others; treating friends fairly and encouraging the weak. In trying identify who a peaceful person was, a lecturer, Department of Adult Nursing, Mrs. Dorothy Addo-Mensah, told the pupils that a peaceful person was selfless, tolerant, calm, polite, respectful, loving and not greedy. She advised them to be ambassadors of peace and adopt the attitudes of a peaceful person in order to create a congenial environment through love, care, sharing, without any backbiting and provocation towards one another. The Coach of University Primary School, Mr. Frank Aboagye, noted “peace is very important when playing games because being at peace makes one play well and to live a healthy life to play the next day, too.” He advised the pupils not to fight when playing games, but to develop the attitude of ‘fair play’ – pulling a friend up from a fall in the game. As part of the seminar, there were other activities such as video show, singing, interactions, group work, games and a sketch.