The exchange pupils and headteachers of the University Basic Schools with the Central Regional Minister, Mr. Kwamina Duncan

Vetting Committee for the Selection of Pro-V.C Submits their Report

The Vetting Committee that was constituted to shortlist three candidates for the upcoming Pro-Vice-Chancellorship elections has submitted its report to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. D. D. Kuupole.

Presenting the report, the Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Kobina Yankson indicated that their task was to shortlist three out of the five candidates nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to vie for the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor as stipulated by the University of Cape Coast Statutes.

Statute 10.2 specifies that  “Three months before the term of office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor expires, the Vice-Chancellor shall submit the names of five persons of Professorial status to the Registrar who shall convene a meeting of a Vetting Committee. The Vetting Committee shall comprise the following: a former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University appointed by the Vice-Chancellor who shall chair, two persons nominated by the College of Professors, and one person each nominated by the University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (UTAG) and the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA). The Vetting Committee shall interview the candidates and conduct whatever enquiries as are necessary and submit the names of three persons to the Registrar for election by Convocation. The Registrar shall be the Electoral Officer. The results of the elections shall be submitted to Council, which shall appoint one of them as Pro-Vice-Chancellor.”

This has become necessary because, the three year term of the current Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Nelson Buah is due to expire on 31st December, 2015 and therefore, there was the need to elect another academic staff of professorial rank to take up the position with effect from 1st January, 2016.

The three candidates shortlisted by the Vetting Committee are the Provost of the College of Distance Education (CoDE), Prof. George K. T. Oduro; Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Dora Edu-Buandoh and the Director of the Centre for International Education, Prof. Rosemond Boohene.

Receiving the report, the Vice-Chancellor, commended the committee for the hardwork and particularly thanked Prof. Yankson for bringing his rich experience to bear in the interpretation of the statute. He also praised him for chairing a committee that was constituted by council to review some gray areas in the University Statutes.

Prof. Kuupole assured the committee the report would be presented to Council for further directives. He however assured them that the date would soon be set for the elections.