Vice-Chancellor Receives Bonn-Rhein -Sieg University Delegation

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ghartey Ampiah, has received a delegation from the Bonn-Rhein -Sieg University of Applied Sciences, and I.U.B.H International University, both from Germany, and the University of Nairobi, Kenya, at the Council Chamber. The University of Cape Coast School of Business has had a collaboration with the Bonn- Rhein -Sieg and University of Nairobi since 2012 in the areas of staff-students exchange. Staff and students visit their counterparts to learn best practices to improve on their knowledge and expertise. The delegation was at the University to participate in a project meeting and thought it wise to call on the Vice-Chancellor to apprise him of the results of the collaboration so far. Leader of the delegation, Prof. Dr. Jurgen Bode said he was happy that the friendship had stabilized and, therefore, indicated that there was the urgent need to find further sources of funding to continue with the project. Prof. Bode said it was a privilege to work with UCC since it had been of great assistance and “also opened their eyes to Africa as a continent of great prospects”. He said: “More people now realise that Africa is the future, for next 40 years to come, you cannot ignore Africa and for that matter Ghana”. Taking his turn, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ampiah, expressed his delight to receive the visitors and noted that though he was meeting them for the first time “it’s better late than never”. Touching on the results of the collaboration, Prof. Ampiah said since the project had been a success, it was imperative to continue with the relationship. The Vice-Chancellor said the University would want to share experience and also see which areas they could explore further. Prof. Ampiah noted that he was happy about the positive image that the visitors had about Africa, since there was the need to explore more on the continent to ensure its speedy development. “There is a lot that we can do in Africa, looking at the different ways of doing things to ensure that we move faster in our development as a people. We have to consider cross- fertilization of ideas, especially South-South cooperation, since we have dwelt much on North-South for far too long”, he stated. Prof. Ampiah reiterated the need to examine other sources of funding the project, adding: “In our own small way will be able to contribute to the project to make it sustainable”. He charged the Dean of International Education, Prof. Rosemond Boohene to broaden the relationship by incorporating other areas apart from entrepreneurship and see how best to rope in I. U. B. H International University into the collaboration. Other members of the delegation included the Rector, I. U. B. H International University, Germany, Prof. Dr. Peter Thuy; Project, Leader, GAUP, University of Nairobi, Kenya, Dr. Jostus Munyoki; Project Manager, HDCS, Germany, Sonja Keller, and Project Coordinator, UCC, Phanuel Wunu. Also present were the Director, Centre for Teaching Support, Prof. Douglas D. Adjei and the Acting Director, Public Affairs, Major (retd.) Kofi Baah Bentum.