Visit by Daniel Diaz from Guilford College

Daniel François Díaz, the Director & International Student Advisor of the Study Abroad Office at Guilford College, paid a visit to the UCC from 16th to 17th March, 2017.  Guilford College, North Carolina, USA, and UCC has had a long history of exchanges which has made such a partnership a very successful one. Among the many reasons for this visit included;

1. To get acquainted and become familiar with all involved in the Guilford-UCC Programme. 2. To discuss the decline in the number of students coming to UCC from Guilford College.

On the 16th of March, 2017, Daniel was received by the Dean of the Centre for International Education, Prof. Rosemond Boohene, and the Jnr. Assistant Registrar, Mr. Alfred Ghartey, at the Centre. The Dean mentioned, among other things, the need to find ways to arrest the decline of students coming to UCC from Guilford College. Several ideas came up in the discussion to help in this regard, including reaching out to parents of Guilford students to assure them Ghana and UCC is a safe environment for American students.

After the meeting, Daniel was given a campus tour around campus. He also observed a lecture in a course taught by Dr. Alex Wilson in African Studies. 

The next day, he was involved in a series of meetings with the Dean and Heads of Departments from the Faculty of Arts, the Local Co-ordinator of the Guilford Programme (Dr. Gladys Akyea), Ebenezer Domey, and Samira Munkaila (Exchange Alumni). The discussions highlighted the afore-mentioned decline in participation of Guilford students in the exchange programme and ways to change this trend. 

Daniel also met the mothers who host Guilford students in their homes when they come to UCC. Auntie Jane, one of the mothers, graciously hosted Daniel in her home for lunch. 

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