Your Life Should Reflect the Virtues of J.E. Casely Hayford-Prof. Oduro Urges Casfordians

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. G. K. T. Oduro, has underscored the need for both past and present students of Casely Hayford Hall (Casfordians) to let their lives reflect on the virtues of J. E. Casely Hayford, a prominent Pan- Africanist. “As we reflect on the 50 years growth of Casely Hayford Hall. It is important to reflect on the virtues of the J. E. Casely Hayford after whom this Hall derived its name”, he said. The Hall was named after Joseph Ephraim Casely Hayford, an eminent Ghanaian journalist, editor, lawyer and politician, following an agreement between the then University authorities and the custodians of the Oguaa Traditional Council. Casely Hayford wrote several books primarily as commentaries and opposition to British land management Acts, such as the Crown Bill of 1897, and the forest ordinance of 1911. His view was that African identify and African social stability were inextricably linked to conservation of existing conventions concerning land rights. Prof. Oduro described J.E Casely Hayford as visionary, intelligent, decent, courageous, truthful and a no-nonsense man and challenged all Casfordians to guard against any act that would negate such virtues. “I challenged Gentlemen of Casely Hayford Hall to remember that the man J.E Casely Hayford was visionary, intelligent, decent, courageous, truthful and above all, ‘no-nonsense man’ “, Prof. Oduro made these remarks at a grand durbar to mark the 50th Casely Hayford Hall Week celebration. The hall week, which brought together alumni of the Hall, was on the theme “50 Years of Growth of The Great Casely Hayford Hall Empire:Reflections and Projections”. Prof. Oduro said: “A true Gentleman should be humble, approachable, have respect for humanity and above all disciplined”. “He should also exhibit exemplary leadership in all fields: intellectual activities, virtuous role modelling and positional leadership. Explaining the meaning of “Sharp Brain”, he said: “Sharp Brain simply provides the opportunity for Casfordians to celebrate intellectualism.” The Pro-Vice-Chancellor however deplored the culture where latter day Casfordians appear to adopt “Brawl procession and described it as misguided replacement for “Brain procession”. “This type of procession which is characterised by stupid fights, nudity, drugs etc. must be condemned by all genuine gentlemen of the Great Casford Hall because it is a disgrace to Mother Casford.” He,however, commended Casfordians for acquitting themselves honourably throughout the hall week celebration. “It is highly commendable that, on a whole, the 50th Hall Week celebration has been devoid of the uncouth and ferocious activities that characterized previous hall week celebrations such as mounting unauthorised road blocks, intimidating innocent drivers, public display of physical nudity, invasion of sister halls of residence, stone throwing and other violent acts”, he said. Prof. Oduro, who is an alumnus of the Hall, said,“the absence of these acts of indiscipline in this year’s hall week celebration, I hope, opens a new chapter in the image reclaiming strategies of the Great Casely Hayford Hall”. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor indicated that the University management was committed to ensuring that all students go about their academic duties on campus without any fear of harassment, intimidation and physical assault, adding that “Management of the University will not spare any student who breaks the rules of the University”. The Hall Master, Prof. Akwasi Kumi Kyeremeh, expressed gratitude to the University management, Hall executives, alumni, the Police and the planning committee for their support towards the hall week celebration,adding that the Hall would climax its 50 years’ anniversary activities in September 2017. He noted that the Hall, starting from this year, would institute an award scheme to reward the best graduating student from the Hall. In his remarks, Ft. Lt. Owusu Ankrah of the Takoradi Air Force Base, who reviewed the parade, commended the Cadet, drawn from Adehye and Casford Halls, for their sterling qualities and performances. He urged them not to compromise on their integrity and be disciplined and selfless in all their endeavours. The colourful event was chaired by the Vice-Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Eugene K.M. Darteh.