Subject to the approval of Council, the Finance Committee may recommend amendments, deletions and additions to the Regulations.

Authority to Dispose

  1. The Vice-Chancellor shall convene a Board of Survey which shall report on unserviceable, obsolete or surplus stores, plant and equipment subject to a technical report on them and recommend the best method of disposal

  2. The Board of Survey's recommendations shall be approved by the Vice-Chancellor and the items shall be disposed off

Stock Check

At the end of each financial year, the Head of Department/Section/Unit/Centre shall take an inventory of all assets under his/her control and ensure that the list of inventory agrees with the records in the Assets Register. This shall be certified by the Head of Department /Section/Unit/ Centre as correct and submitted to the Director of Finance not later than two weeks after the end of the financial year.

All Departments/Sections/Units/Centres shall maintain an Assets Register in which shall be recorded all furniture, equipment, plant and machinery in their charge. The Assets Register shall contain the following details:

  1. Description of the item or asset
  2. Date of receipt of the asset
  3. The source of supply
  4. Quantity received and value
  5. Remark column stating conditions of the equipment
  6. Location of the asset
  7. Serial number if any
  8. The Estate Section's identification mark

There shall be a Central Stores which shall be headed by Stores Superintendent with the following responsibilities:

  1. Exercise supervision and control of all stores and staff

  2. Carry out regular inspection of all stores and as the occasion arises, report to the Director of Finance or his/her representative on all cases of losses and irregularities

  3. Ensure that accommodation is adequate and suitable for the proper storage of all stores

Procurement Unit

There shall be a Procurement Unit with the responsibility of superintending procurement activities in the University.

Head of Procurement Unit

The Head of Procurement Unit shall be responsible for undertaking and coordinating all detailed procurement activities within the University.

Responsibilities of the Head of Procurement Unit

The Head of Procurement Unit shall perform the following functions:

The procedure for purchases should be in compliance with relevant sections of the Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663).

Procurement Procedures

  1. Every Unit within the University shall prepare Procurement Plan

  2. Procurement Plan should be prepared based on its Annual Budget not later than 30th September each year

  3. The Procurement Unit shall prepare a comprehensive Procurement Plan for the University which shall be approved by the Entity Tender Committee

Leave to be Uninterrupted

  1. Every staff is entitled to enjoy an unbroken period of leave but Management, in cases of urgent necessity, may require a staff to interrupt his or her leave and return to work

  2. Where a staff is required by Management to interrupt his or her leave in the circumstance specified in sub-section (a) the staff shall not forfeit the right to the remainder to the leave but shall take the leave anytime thereafter preferably within the calendar year

Annual Budget

On the receipt of Budget Guidelines from the Ministry of Finance, the University shall prepare its Recurrent Budget and Development Estimates for submission to Central Government showing clearly the amount of subvention and government grants the University shall require for the ensuing financial year.

Budget Guidelines

The preparation of the University's Budget shall be based on the policy guidelines issued by Minister of Finance for the particular financial year.

Definition of Losses

A loss shall be considered to have occurred when the University is deprived of the use of any University trust moneys, property, stores or any other financial or physical asset otherwise than in the normal course of the University's business.

Duty of the Head of Department

When a loss as in this regulation is discovered, the Head of Department shall investigate the circumstances of the loss;

  1. to ascertain the extent and amount of the loss