Members of the National Beekeepers Association (NATBA) from various districts within the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana own large cashew plantations. Beekeeping is done in agricultural landscapes. Integration of bees into cashew pollinate the crops to increase yield and quality fruits and increase honey produced by bees. Members of NATBA lacked skills and technology in integrating beekeeping into agriculture landscapes.

The technology and skills to do all these have been developed by some experts from the Department of Agriculture Economics and Extension of the University of Cape Coast and Saltpond Honey Centre. The project sought to equip cashew farmers and beekeepers with the act of beekeeping in cashew farms (Agriculture landscape) to increase cashew yield by 200% through pollination by bees and generate extra income from harvesting honey and other hive products. The project also sought to improve farmers’ skills and knowledge in economic use of farmlands to achieve more income. This project was funded by COTVET, started in 2015 and ended in 2016. Hundred members from various districts in Brong Ahafo were trained and used as Trainer of Trainers (ToTs) to reach out to other farmers. Members of the association have embraced the technology and have started giving feedback on how successful the integration is working on their farms. A simple, pictorial and easy to comprehend training manual was developed as reference manual for the farmers.