T&D Organises Orientation for National Service Personnel

The Training and Development Section of the Directorate of Human Resource has organised a one-day orientation programme for national service personnel for the 2016/2017 academic year.

The orientation was aimed at sensitising the national service personnel to be efficient and effective in the discharge of their duties in the various colleges, schools, faculties, departments, sections and units in the University.

Speaking on the topic," Good Human Relations," the Senior Assistant Registrar, College of Distance Education, Mr. Ebenezer Aggrey, underscored the need for service personnel to engage in good human relations as part of their duties at the office.

According to him, good human relations was vital to the success and survival of every organisation and individual. He noted that good human relations ensure proper balance in handling people they come into contact with as part of their work schedule, stressing that it also enhances peace at the workplace.

Mr. Aggrey told the service personnel that human relations increased production at the workplace. He used the occasion to advise the service personnel to refrain from bickering, gossiping, backbiting, bootlicking, pettiness, laziness and unnecessary argument at the office. That, he pointed out, hampered productivity at the workplace. He advised them not to look down on people in the execution of their work.

On the responsibilities of the service personnel in the University, Mr. Aggrey urged them to promote the prestige and the good name of Ghana and the University of Cape Coast. He urged them to work tirelessly, foster unity, respect the rights of others and avoid acts that were inimical to the welfare of their colleagues.

The Faculty Officer of the School of Physical Sciences, Mr. Kojo Dzinpa, who took participants through “Work Ethics and Office Management,” reminded participants to take good care of the University property at their office. He advised them to eschew the tendencies that hindered the flow of work and be punctual at the office. He urged them to put up good ethical behaviour in all their endeavours. He told the participants to be team players, assertive, loyal and trustworthy, open, humble and self discipline at their work place. He advised them to ensure confidentiality at the office.

The Senior Assistant Registrar at the Institute of Education, Mr. Prosper Nyatuame, who made a presentation on the topic," Administrative Structure and Channels of Communication at the University," enlightened the service personnel on the administrative hierarchy in the University. He said, in every administration, there should be control mechanisms, unity of command, delegation of authority, vision, mission and objectives.

Touching on the channels of communication in the University, Mr. Nyatuame took the participants through verbal, non-verbal and written forms of communication in the University. He advised the service personnel to take their work seriously so as to develop hands-on experience and skills at the work place. He entreated them to make judicious use of their time instead of spending time on their mobile phones.

The Acting Director of the Directorate of Human Resource, Dr. K. Gyasi Badu, in his opening remarks, urged the national service personnel to respect every staff in the University. He called on them to take their works seriously.

Participants were schooled on national service personnel rights, responsibilities and privileges in the University.