Deferment of programme shall normally be allowed for students at Levels 200 and above only. Students who, due to various reasons, wish to defer their programmes should first consult their Academic Advisors for advice.

A student may apply for deferment of study provided that the student completes the entire academic programme within the stipulated time limit.

Deferment may be granted for one academic year only (and two years in special cases) within the time-limit allowed for the completion of the programme of study.

With the exception of severe and sudden medical conditions, an application for the deferment of study must be made and approved two (2) months before the beginning of the academic year the student wishes to defer. Emergency cases shall be dealt with on their own merit.

All applications for deferment of programme shall be addressed to the Director (Directorate of Academic Affairs) through the Dean of the relevant Faculty/School who shall forward the application to the Director (Academic Affairs) with his/her comments.

Where an application for deferment is on medical grounds, the application must be supported by a medical report certified by the Director of Health Services, UCC.

Where an application for deferment is granted, deferment shall be for one academic year, i.e. deferment shall not be allowed for one semester. Students must of necessity obtain approval from the Director (Academic Affairs) before proceeding on deferment.

Students must notify the University before resumption of academic work.

Students on distance learning programmes may, apart from deferment of programmme, request to transfer from one centre to another (Transfer) or request to change their study centre for a brief period (Transit). Such requests, stating reasons for same, should be addressed to the Student Affairs Unit of the College of Distance in good time and prior to proceeding on transfer or transit.